Community Solutions, Inc.


Community Solutions, Inc. (CSI) has been a pioneer in community-based services since their founding in 1962, launching the first halfway house ever in New England with a model that has been successfully replicated across Connecticut and has grown to operate nearly 50 programs and/or services in ten states and Canada. CSI has built upon its successful foundation and has expanded to serve thousands of adults, youth, and families each year.


CSI's website was over a decade old, and in need of drastic updating in both form and function.  We created a site far more professional, visual and engaging, with a better focus on demonstrating the services they provide.

Before / After
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Website: Services Main

Moving from a simple list of programs and services, we used visual elements to draw focus on and make it easier for the site visitor to understand what CSI offers, and to find the exact service the visitor desired.

New Site Services Main Page

Website: News Home

Using WordPress as the platform, we allowed CSI staff to publish their own News and Events, each on its own respective page.  Prior to this, they had to engage an outside company to post articles, all of which were simply text links. 

As we did in the rest of the site, we made the articles themselves far more alluring and inviting.

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New Site News Page