Experience the Big Book


Experience the Big Book is the name of a set of well-attended and well-respected Alcoholics Anonymous meetings in Topeka, Kansas. The chair, Dr. Mike, runs a seminar-style meeting where he lectures on specific topics in the AA Big Book. 

Several members suggested he record these meetings, and this website is now the central location for both the EtBB podcast and an enormous amount of helpful resources for AA members.


Visually we reflected a meditative, serene approach, as serenity is a key tenet of AA success, and the headlines and quotes reinforce this message.

Dr. Mike not only records podcasts, but writes frequently on the topic of recovery, so the site needed to support both a podcast and blog, and ensure that this was clear to the visitor.


Website: Resource & Podcast

At a majority of the meetings there are hand-outs, and we wanted these to be available to the podcast listener and public in general.

With 3 podcasts a week, the podcast page cannot show all episodes, so the latest ones with descriptions are presented, and search and tag navigation allows visitors to find specific subject matter.