Hold You Close


Hold You Close was a new product line developed in 2017 by Prairie Glass Studio, creating memorial keepsakes of cremains in fused glass.  Customers have Hold You Close infuse a piece of fused glass art with the ashes of their loved ones, so they can forever have or carry a memory with them.

As a new but somewhat separate product line from the regular Prairie Glass Studio work, we determined a separate web presence was needed.


The website focused on the incredible possibilities afforded by fused glass, showcasing the variety of beautiful options for infused cremains available to the site visitor.  A visual approach was deemed necessary for this rather unknown product niche. 

Using the logo created by Prairie Glass, we carried through the colors in a pleasant but muted fashion, as the occasion requiring a potential customer may not always be the most celebratory.


Website: Internal Page

Hold You Close has an online store selling a small set of standard items, but also takes custom orders.  Again, we wanted imagery to help the potential customer understand some of the amazing options available to them.