Emerson for 4


Tony Emerson is a city councilor in Topeka, Kansas, running for re-election in 2017.  As none of his opponents had websites, developing one became a strategic advantage, and allowed him to elaborate on the campaign slogans present in his other marketing materials.

The website provided useful information for his voters, allowed for his constituents to contact him directly, and provided a mechanism for online donations to support his campaign.


Working from a set of marketing materials such as yard signs and banners, we carried through his message and color scheme as we expanded the campaign information relevant to his constituents.

More importantly, we created a more 'personal' Tony, allowing voters to get to know more about him as both a candidate and a person.


Website: Internal Page

It was important to let the website not only provide a much deeper explanation of his campaign topics, but make them easy to identify when on the page.  Keeping each topic in its own section, leveraging the main color scheme, achieved this.